Be sure to read the instructions for use before using each pyrotechnic product. If the instructions are followed, fireworks are safe to use and will almost always work correctly.

It is very rare, but it happens that the products have worked out abnormal. In this case, we will replace the products completely free of charge.

However, it is necessary to provide the incorrectly used product itself and, if available, a video recording of the fireworks.
Storage and transportation of pyrotechnic products
It is recommended to store pyrotechnic products in warm, dry rooms away from strong heat sources, and especially away from open flames.

Batteries of fireworks should be stored only in an upright working position.

It is recommended to transport pyrotechnic products in their original packaging, excluding overturning,shaking and shock loads, in order to avoid deterioration of quality characteristics.

The ignition of pyrotechnic products is possible only when exposed to high temperatures.

What not to do:

  • You can't carry pyrotechnic toys in your pockets;
  • You can't burn them in a bonfire;
  • Do not disassemble the products and expose them to mechanical influences;
  • It is forbidden to work with pyrotechnic products in a drunken state;
  • Do not smoke while working with pyrotechnics;
  • Keep pyrotechnic products out of the reach of children;
  • Do not allow an open fire in the room where the products are stored;
  • Keep them away from heating devices;
  • Remember that pyrotechnic products are afraid of dampness, and this may affect their work;
  • Do not use pyrotechnic toys for mischief, use them only for their intended purpose.
Return of the product
Sometimes it happens that products do not work out as expected: they do not completely shoot off their charges, the fuse burns out, and work does not begin, etc. It happens extremely rarely, but it happens! If a similar incident occurred with the products purchased from us, and you want to exchange it for another one or refund the money, call us and we will change the product.

It is important that when exchanging a product in case of a defect, it is necessary to bring the damaged goods to our store by contacting us first.

All pyrotechnic products are designed for outdoor use! If the product does not work, do not approach it for 10-15 minutes. Do not try to make the product work if it does not work for any reason. When using, installing, or setting fire to a pyrotechnic product, do not bend over it in any case!!! Try to do all the work at arm's length from the product.